Life Flight

Each week 28 people need time-critical aeromedical care. With your support, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Air Ambulance Planes are there in their moment of need.

Medical emergency

Meet Matt from Wairarapa

What started as an innocent holiday game quickly became a critical rescue mission for Matt. A devastating neck injury required the utmost care from the Westpac Chopper crew.

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Meet Indie from Nelson

When their baby's life hangs in the balance, Chelsea and Mitch rely on an urgent air ambulance transfer to give her a fighting chance.

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Meet Fergus from Paraparaumu

First-time parents Falyn and Peter were excitedly awaiting twins Fergus and Finley, but only 12 weeks into the pregnancy, it was clear Fergus would have to fight for his life.

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Meet Adrian from Palmerston North

Out of the blue, Adrian found himself in a race against time. He was experiencing an aortic dissection, and every minute saved improved his chances of survival.

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Meet Bruce from Masterton

While Bruce was working under the hot Masterton sun, a growing pain became unbearable. Soon unconscious, the Westpac Chopper became the tool to save his life.

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Meet Poppy from Palmerston North

An urgent flight 48 hours after Poppy was born ensured her life. 10 years later, Mum Leisha reflects on what that flight meant for her family.

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Meet Michelle from Wainuiomata

When a familiar walk became Michelle’s nightmare, the Westpac Chopper was her only hope of escape. 

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Meet Hugo from Blenheim

When Jess’s water broke two months earlier than expected, none of the local hospitals were equipped for such an early birth. Thanks to you, our air ambulance plane was ready at a moment's notice.

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Meet Nicky from Carterton

Despite the cardiac arrest that left Nicky with memory loss and a pacemaker, she’s thankful to come out of it with her life.

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Meet Harrison from Wellington

Harrison has been a fighter since birth. He defied all odds in surviving a severe brain bleed when born. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his last fight.

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