Life Flight

Each week 28 people need time-critical aeromedical care. With your support, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Air Ambulance Planes are there in their moment of need.

Trusts and Foundations


  • New Zealand Community Trust

    New Zealand Community Trust is a tremendous and long-standing funder of Life Flight’s Air Ambulance service, having funded thousands of life-saving missions for people in need.

  • Pub Charity Limited

    Life Flight is grateful for Pub Charity’s support over the years. Most recently, Pub Charity generously funded the extensive fit-out and refurbishment of three Air Ambulance Planes.


  • Grassroots Trust Central

    Grassroots Trust Central has generously supported Life Flight by funding some vital equipment for our Air Ambulance Planes, which the team are incredibly grateful for.

  • Kiwi Gaming Foundation

    Kiwi Gaming Foundation has been an incredible supporter of Life Flight, recently providing much needed funding for a New HAMILTON-T1 Ventilator.

  • The Lion Foundation

    Thanks to the Lion Foundation’s support, Life Flight have been able to fund a vital piece of equipment for one of our Air Ambulance Planes.

  • Lions Clubs New Zealand

    Life Flight would like to thank Lions Club New Zealand for their support with our Air Ambulance service.

  • Pelorus Trust

    Pelorus Trust is a valued supporter of Life Flight, funding many pieces of equipment over the years which assist our crews to provide the best possible care for our patients.

  • Rotary New Zealand

    Thank you to Rotary New Zealand for their support over the years.

  • Upper Hutt Cossie Club

    “The Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club selected the Life Flight Trust as its 2020 Charity because several members of our local community have survived life-threatening incidents because of the wonderful efforts by the Life Flight Trust team”...


  • Four Winds Foundation

    Life Flight is grateful to Four Winds Foundation for supporting our Air Ambulance plane service.

  • TG Macarthy Trust

    TG Macarthy Trust have been wonderful supporters of Life Flight’s Air Ambulance Plane service over the years. For this Life Flight are very thankful.

  • Wellington City Council

    Life Flight is identified as providing a vital service for Wellington and is therefore supported by Wellington City Council with an annual grant.


  • Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust

    Another long-standing Life Flight supporter, the team are very grateful to the Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust for their support.

  • JBS Dudding Trust

    Thank you to the JBS Dudding Trust for your support in keeping our Air Ambulance Planes in the air and saving lives.


  • Trust House

    Life Flight is extremely grateful to Trust House for their ongoing support over the years. They have funded many items and services.

  • Marlborough District Council

    Life Flight is grateful to Marlborough District Council for their continued support in ensuring the Life Flight service is there for those in the Marlborough district who need us.

  • Masterton District Council

    Thanks for helping to ensure that if anyone in the Masterton area needs Life Flight’s assistance, we are there.

  • Ray Watts Charitable Trust

    Life Flight is grateful to the Ray Watts Charitable Trust for their continued support over the years. Most recently, for a generous grant to assist in covering essential training costs for our Air Ambulance pilots.

  • Porirua City Council

    Porirua City Council are supporters of Life Flight, ensuring help is available for anyone who needs it within Porirua and surrounding areas.

  • WN Pharazyn Charitable Trust

    WN Pharazyn is a long-standing supporter of the Life Flight Trust, funding many pieces of vital equipment over the years.

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