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Each week 28 people need time-critical aeromedical care. With your support, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Air Ambulance Planes are there in their moment of need.

Open Day Vendor FAQ

Accessing your site on the day

  • What time do I arrive on the event day (Sunday, March 10th)?

    Answer: Your arrival time depends on whether you’ll have a vehicle accessing the event space. We’ll contact you via email a couple of weeks before the event to confirm your specific access time.

  • How long will I have to set up my display?

    There will be a mandatory safety briefing in Hanger 3 at 9.15 am. Please aim to have all displays ready by then, as the doors will open to the public shortly after, at 10 am.

  • How do I know where to set up?

    We will post a map online the day before the event, and staff (in high vis) will be onsite to direct you. Please stick to your allocated area.

  • How do I access the tarmac if I bring a vehicle or food truck?

    Half of the event space is held outside on our tarmac with barriers to ensure safety from the airport’s operational zone. You must be escorted via an aviation security vehicle to access the event space. Please arrive at your allotted time and follow the directions of Life Flight staff (in high vis) and Aviation Security, who will meet you at the entry gates. (more details to come in final details email)

  • Where can I park for the day?

    A large retail park with ample parking is directly beside the Life Flight Airbase – this is best for those arriving for setup. We will send you a sign to place on your dashboard, as local parking wardens have been informed to waive time-limited car parks for those with the sign displayed.

  • Pack down

    Doors Close to the public at 2:30pm sharp, we must return the tarmac to fully operational ASAP post event in order to comply with Civil Aviation Authority restrictions. You can start to pack down straight away, this also helps indicate to stragglers that the event is over and its time to leave.

    If you have a food truck or other vehicle within the event zone remember to only move at walking pace through the event zone.

    When indicated by a Life Flight Crew member that it is safe to do so, and your vehicle is less than 3 meters in height, you will be indicated to leave via Hanger 2 (through the food court).

    For larger vehicles that are unable to use this door, please line up at the same place used for entry and AVSEC (aviation security) and a Life Flight Crew member will indicate when it is ok to leave.

Safety and Weather

  • What happens if the weather is not good?

    Open Day will go ahead unless there is a major weather event; we do not have a postponement date. If the weather is unfavourable, most displays will be moved undercover, inside the three large hangers.

  • What happens if there is a natural disaster or other emergency before the event?

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page. Should there be the need to cancel the event at the last minute, this will be your best way of keeping informed.

  • What should I wear?

    Please ensure you wear appropriate outdoor clothing, sunhat, sunscreen, and since this is Wellington, a rain jacket and warm clothes should it be four seasons in one day.

About your stand

  • Are there any restrictions on what I can bring with me?

    Please provide details of what you’ll bring, including vehicles and giveaways, in the vendor form. Since we’re on an active tarmac at an international airport, certain hazards must be considered, and we need to meet criteria from the Civil Aviation Authority. Prohibited items include stickers, balloons, and anything that could easily fly onto the tarmac. For further questions, discuss with event coordinator Caroline Lee.

  • What should I bring?

    We can provide 8-foot trestle tables; please indicate in the vendor form if you require one (or more). You can bring signage/flags and giveaways, but please ensure you put this in the vendor form so we know what you will be bringing.

    You should also bring some lunch, snacks and a water bottle. You will be entitled to 2 free sausages from the Mitre 10 BBQ; however, please note it can get very busy, so it’s always good to have something to keep you going.

  • Power sources

    If you require power for your activity during the event please clearly indicate this on the vendor form. It is very important we know this up front as space and access to power is very limited. If you do have a generator let us know we may still be able to offer plug in power depending on demand.

  • Waste and recycling

    If you are a food truck you are to manage your own waste and dispose of off site. As par to our approved waste management plan with Wellington City Council vendors must do there best to supply food in recyclable materials please refer to this webpage for more guidance

    There will be recycling and waste bins available though out the event for the public to utilise.

    We will have volunteers clearing tables and keeping the event space as clean as possible if you see something that needs cleaning up please help out where you can or let a volunteer or staff member in Life Flight Hi-Vis know.

  • Marquees

    If you are bringing a marquee this is fantastic it is great for brand awareness and also gives some extra shade should your display be outside on the tarmac.

    Please indicate on the vendor form if you are bringing a marquee and include the size.

    Also beware of the wind tolerance of your marquee, make sure you bring suitable weights/sandbags to ensure it is secure. Should the wind be at an unsuitable level you will not be able to put your marquee up so please be aware of this. The Event Coordinator will advise should this be the case.

Comforts available

  • Food and drink

    Please bring some lunch, snacks and a water bottle. You will be entitled to 2 free sausages from the Mitre 10 BBQ; however, please note it can get very busy, so it’s always good to have something to keep you going. There will also be a range of delicious food vendors available to purchase from.

  • Is there an area for breaks or downtime?

    We do not have a particular area available for vendor breaks, our crew will still all be on call during the event so we need to avoid their space which is sign posted. However the main boardroom opposite reception is allocated as a “Quiet Zone”. It will also be available to the public for those that require it.

  • Bathroom access

    This year we have secured a 12 Unit Toilet Trailer through Spik’n’Span. This will be utilised for the public and vendors. Unfortunately, we can not use the crew toilets as they require them and space from the public for mandatory rest breaks between missions.

Supporting Life Flight & Open Day

  • Can I promote Open Day on our social media channels?

    Absolutely! Feel free to promote it on your social media channels, and please tag us so we can also spread the word:

    • Instagram @lifeflightnz
    • Facebook @LifeFlightTrust

    We’ll also run a campaign on our Facebook and Instagram pages – feel free to share.

  • Is there a fee for having a display at Open Day?

    No, there is no fee for vendors to attend the event. However, organizing Open Day involves costs for us due to its size and scale. It serves as a significant fundraising event, and we kindly request that if your activities or sales generate revenue, you consider donating a portion of the earnings to support our fundraising efforts. We suggest a contribution of 10-20% of your takings. You can drop off any donations at the reception staff at the end of the event or get in touch with our event coordinator for further discussions.

    Additionally, we can provide signs for you to display, informing guests that a percentage of sales will be donated to Life Flight or that 100% of profits will go to supporting Life Flight. This communicates to guests how their purchases at your stand will contribute to supporting Life Flight.

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