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Your Air Ambulance Plane

Demand for our service is soaring. We took a chance to buy a second life-saving plane. Thank you for your support!

We have reached our goal!

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped us purchase our second Air Ambulance Plane. It will truly be a life-saver for New Zealand. We will update with more soon. 

Donate to help us save more lives

We’re well known for our Westpac Rescue Helicopter, but three out of four people we help are flown in our Air Ambulance Plane, which is like a flying Intensive Care Unit. 

We've bought a second plane and need your help to raise $50,000 to pay off the plane so it belongs to the community it serves.

Donate today. This fundraiser ends Sunday 18 March. Thank you for helping us save lives!

Other ways to donate

Electronic Transfer
Westpac 03-0578-0048481-006
Reference - Supporter number, name or address

04 920 2242

How you can help

Help spread the word

1. Donate
2. Create a paper airplane – Download your paper plane template here and folding instructions here
3. Challenge a friend. Bring your friends into the fold by posting a video of yourself flying your paper plane and challenge a friend to swoop in, donate and help Life Flight fly further.

You could even measure your distance and challenge your friends to fly their paper plane further than yours. 

Why we need your help

Thousands of New Zealanders have been helped with our Air Ambulance Plane - a flying Intensive Care Unit. As more people need urgent transfers to survive, demand for our service is soaring.

This really hit home when we leased a second plane and needed to fly more people than we could ever have predicted. 

But, leasing a plane is incredibly expensive. 

So, we scoured the globe for a second plane to buy. When we found a sister plane to the one we already have, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. 

We took a chance (and a bank loan!). We couldn’t wait to save lives. 

Now we want to make sure we can pay off the plane as soon as possible.

We have received amazing generosity already, and we need your support to raise the remaining $50,000 to help us reach our goal. Please help us get there, so we can focus our efforts on getting more New Zealanders to the medical help they desperately need.  

Please donate, and bring your friends into the fold.

Join us to celebrate

You'll get a chance to show off your paper plane skills at our Open Day on 18 March 2018, where we'll wrap up the campaign with a paper plane flight contest in one of our hangars. 

Thanks for being part of the team! 

Donate now

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018