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Meet our team

Our team is made up of highly trained, passionate and dedicated people. Learn about them and the diversity of their roles.


Our pilots fly in some of the toughest weather conditions in the world. They are highly skilled, respected and capable.

In addition to all the other important details they pay mind to, they are also careful to keep their precious cargo safe and comfortable. This means things like an extra-soft landing for a spinal injury patient or flying low to avoid a cabin pressure change for someone with a brain injury.

Aviation partners Airwork Group and Fieldair Holdings help supply our pilots.

  • Alistair Matthews


    Plane Pilot

    I have flown for a living since 1984 in all sorts of roles, single engine, single seat to the largest being Safe Air Argosy aircraft, and passenger airliners in between. I joined Life Flight in 2013.

  • Dion

    Plane Pilot

    I have flown in many different operations for the last 25 years and joined Life Flight in 2012. I enjoy the variety of the Life Flight operation and being able to assist people in need. 

  • Harry

    Head of Service Operations and Helicopter Pilot

    It’s been a pleasure to fly for Life Flight since 2005. Prior to working here, I built experience doing a wide range of commercial helicopter work in NZ, USA, UK, Australia and South America.

  • Ian Pirie


    Plane Pilot

    I’ve been flying for 50 years and have flown Life Flight’s Air Ambulance Plane since 2012, which has been incredibly rewarding. I am also the ex-Chief Executive of this fantastic organisation.

  • Jason

    Helicopter Pilot

    It has been a privilege to be part of the Life Flight team since 2015. I have experience flying in a variety of roles around the world. In my spare time I enjoy getting into New Zealand’s great outdoors.

  • Jol

    Plane Pilot

    I am proud to be part of Life Flight and what it does for people who need our service. As a pilot, it’s exciting and rewarding as we never really know where we fly from one day to the next!

  • Luke

    Plane Pilot

    I've been a pilot for more than 15 years and started flying for Life Flight in 2015. I like the varied nature of the flying and working with professionals who have a wide range of backgrounds. 

  • Mike

    Plane Pilot

    Started flying for Life Flight in 2012.  I am a Captain.  Living and loving the dream.

  • Nick

    Plane Pilot

    I had the privilege of joining Life Flight in 2018. It's great to have such a rewarding job helping those who need us, and to work in such a fantastic team and organisation.

  • Paul

    Plane Pilot

    I have been with Life Flight since 2016. Flying has always been my passion. To now have the opportunity to put that to good use and help families in their time of need is a privilege.

  • Sam Bolton Riley


    Helicopter Pilot

    It is an honour to fly the Westpac Chopper for Life Flight. After many years, flying helicopters in different countries around the world, I feel privileged to be able to return home to NZ and be part of this fantastic team.