What your support provides...

  • Life Flight flies 24/7

  • One mission every 6 hours

  • 300 babies and children each year

What is a Red Angel?

When our emergency teams first took flight, the media called them 'heavenly angels'. Today, Red Angels are among our most active and influential supporters. It’s more than just giving once a month – it’s making a tangible difference. As a Red Angel, you are part of our team on every mission.  

What is the impact of Red Angels? 

Becoming a Red Angel is the best way to make a difference to Life Flight. As a Red Angel, your regular donation allows us to plan and budget for the future and ensure our teams remain ready to respond 24/7. 

Your donations will help the most critically ill and injured in your community receive the vital care they need quickly and safely.

When you join, you will: 

  • Increase Life Flight’s impact through sustainable, year-round funding 
  • Rest easy knowing that your community is being looked after by the Life Flight team 
  • Receive frequent stories and updates about the people helped by your gift 
  • Receive statements confirming your gift for tax purposes 
  • Have the flexibility to change or cancel your monthly gift at any time  

What is regular giving?

Regular giving simply means setting up a monthly, automatic gift to Life Flight for an amount of your choosing. You can change or cancel your monthly gift at any time. 

This can be done by Direct Debit (through your bank account) or Credit Card.  You can also set up your own regular gift with your bank (this is called an Automatic Payment*).

*If you do set up an Automatic Payment with your bank, please do let us know and include your Life Flight supporter number as your reference. This will allow us to say thank you and provide you with an annual tax receipt.

It’s thanks to generous gifts like those from our Red Angels that our amazing crews can be out there saving lives every day. We are truly humbled and grateful for the support of our Red Angels; you are part of our team and we simply couldn’t do it without you.  

Become a Red Angel today