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Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will, no matter how big or small, means that Life Flight can continue to help the thousands of people each year that need our urgent help.

Every six hours somebody needs Life Flight

Leaving a gift in your Will, no matter how big or small, means that we can continue to help the thousands of people each year that need our urgent help.

Life Flight ensures those people facing a medical emergency can reach the best possible medical care. This dramatically improves their chance of survival and recovery.

Life Flight – Saves time. Saves lives.

Life Flight receives no direct government funding and each year we face significant funding challenges. Many of the missions carried out are only possible thanks to the gifts left to us by people, just like you, in their Wills.

Everybody over the age of 18 should have a Will regardless of their level of assets. A Will sets out how you want your affairs managed after you have gone, making your wishes known so that things happen the way you want them to.

By making a lasting gift to The Life Flight Trust you will help create a safer New Zealand for future generations.

Read true stories of people Life Flight has helped, thanks to our generous supporters.

Please contact our Bequest Officer, Sherry Herrick on 021 216 9972 or by email today to arrange a time to meet in person and discuss how leaving a gift in your Will to The Life Flight Trust would help save lives in your community for generations to come.

Deciding what you wish to give

Your family and friends come first. Once you have provided for them in your Will it is a very simple process to leave a gift to The Life Flight Trust.

There are a number of different type of gifts you can include in your Will:

  • A residual gift – after you have provided for your family, you can nominate that you want to leave all or part of what is left of your estate (known as the residual) to The Life Flight Trust.
  • A percentage – you may choose to gift all or a percentage of your estate to The Life Flight Trust. This way if the value of your assets increase or decrease in time, so does your gift.
  • A specific gift – you decide a specific gift, this could be a set amount of money, shares or real estate.

Once you know what type of gift you may like to make you should contact your solicitor or a trustee company, they will help you put your wishes into words. If you do not have a Will, they can guide you through the process.

Recommended Wording: “I give to The Life Flight Trust, Wellington (% of my estate / the residue of my estate / a sum of money / my property or other assets) for general purposes, for which the receipt of an authorised person of The Life Flight Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees”.

Should you prefer to make your bequest for a special area of interest, please contact our Bequest Officer, Sherry Herrick on 021 21 69 972 or by email.

By telling us what is important to you, we are able to suggest how your gift can best help The Life Flight Trust in the future.

Our promise to you

We realise that leaving a gift in your Will is a deeply personal decision. If you are considering making a bequest we want you know to how seriously we treat your decision.

These are our promises to you:

  • We will use your gift wisely – we promise to use your gift to provide exceptional air rescue and air ambulance services to help those in need in New Zealand.
  • You can always change your mind – we realise your circumstances and priorities may change and so might your Will. We completely understand if you change your mind about leaving us a gift in your Will.
  • We will be available – we are here and available to answer any questions you may have about our services, how the organisation is run and how your planned gift will build a safer New Zealand.
  • We will respect your privacy – we promise that anything you discuss with us will be held in the strictest confidence.

We’d like to thank you!

It would be helpful if you tell us about your intentions to leave a gift in your Will to The Life Flight Trust. It is not binding and you can still change your mind at any time.

Telling us simply means we are able to recognise your kindness and thank you personally for your generosity.  We would like the opportunity to share our vision, keep you updated on our work, and communicate with you in a way that best suits you.

Any details that you make available to us are treated in the strictest confidence.

Please contact our Bequest Officer Sherry Herrick on 021 21 69 972 or by email to arrange a time to meet.