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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a fantastic way to engage your staff, support your local community and help save lives. 

What is payroll giving? 

Payroll giving is a fantastic way to engage your staff, support your local community and help save lives. 
It’s a rewarding and easy way to involve your team in something that makes a real difference. 

Payroll giving is a convenient option that allows employees to receive immediate tax credits from their donations. No need to collect donation receipts and wait until the end of the year to claim those credits.  

Other benefits: 

  • Low cost and easy to run  
  • Increase staff morale - research proves charitable giving makes you feel good
  • Staff engagement and volunteer opportunities
  • Heart-warming content for your staff communications
  • You, your business and your staff will help save local lives!

Payroll giving is easy 
As an employer, you automatically deduct your employees' nominated donations from their pre-tax pay, reduce PAYE by the appropriate tax credit (calculated at 33.33 cents per dollar), then forward the donations to Life Flight. 

If you electronically file your employer monthly schedule and deduction form then you can offer payroll giving to your employees.

Individual employees will not be issued with receipts as the tax credits for donations made as part of payroll giving will be immediate, in the form of reduced PAYE. 

We can help you with further information about Life Flight and your company’s payroll giving scheme, which can be sent to your employees to encourage them to get on-board. We would also be delighted to present to your team members in person about the programme. 

Life Flight is an IRD-approved organisation. Visit for more information. 

Encourage more employees to give with matched giving
By setting up payroll giving, you can also easily add matched giving. This means your organisation matches the employee’s contribution. This could be dollar for dollar or up to a nominated amount annually. 

It’s an added incentive for employees to give. Matched donations are also tax deductible for your company. 

By choosing Life Flight you will help save local lives
Life Flight operates the Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter and a nationwide Air Ambulance Plane service. Because of the fantastic community support we receive, we are available 24/7 to help someone who’s been in an accident or suffering a medical emergency.

Your team’s donations will help the most critically ill and injured in your community receive the vital care they need quickly and safely.

Committing to a regular donation means we can commit to always being available 
These dedicated donors will become part of our Red Angels Team and will be with us on every mission. 
These donations will cover vital costs such as buying and maintaining essential medical and rescue equipment, fuelling our Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Air Ambulance Planes, and training our emergency teams. 

Receive stories regularly about the people you are helping
We can provide you with regular updates to help keep your staff engaged and show them the difference they are making. 

These include: 
• A ‘welcome pack’ with a special emergency blanket gift 
• Regular email updates with news and rescue stories 
• Twice-yearly printed newsletters  

Employees can choose to opt out of these regular communications if they wish to anonymously support through your payroll giving scheme.

Let’s chat!
Please phone Sherry on 021 21 69 972 or email to find out more. 
By choosing Life Flight as your payroll giving partner, you and your team will give hope to people in your local community during what could be their most difficult day.

Thank you!

Last updated: 
Friday, 12 July 2019