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Precious cargo handled with care

A routine ultrasound for Mum-to-be Rebekah had a different outcome than expected...

It was supposed to be a routine ultrasound for mum-to-be Rebekah; however, it was soon discovered that twins Charlotte and Eleanor were wanting to be born at just 24 weeks; 16 weeks early. Rebekah quickly drove to Palmerston North hospital, where everything started to happen very quickly.

“The nurses told me a plane was on its way to take me to Wellington Hospital”. To add to the tension, Rebekah’s husband was not able to be with her as this was in the tail-end of the Covid-19 lockdown last year. It would be a nerve-wracking time for any Mum, but Rebekah said "the Life Flight crew were just really kind and caring and supportive in a very stressful situation”.

Admitted to Wellington Hospital, doctors were able to delay the labour for almost four weeks, with the twins being born at 27 ½ weeks. Charlotte and Eleanor had some hurdles to go through being born so early, but “they were in the very best place for them”.

Three weeks after their birth, Rebekah was able to bring her twins back to Palmerston North via Life Flight’s air ambulance plane, where they spent another nine weeks in hospital. The flight home was more relaxed for Rebekah, her precious cargo was handled with absolute care and precision.

Homeward bound-min.jpg

Incubator coming out of an air ambulance, steered by paramedic
The twins homeward bound on their way to Palmerston North

Now bubbly, 8 ½ month-old babies (corrected age – 5 ½ months), Charlotte and Eleanor have experienced their first Christmas with family.

“Thank you. Your donations go to something so valuable. If people weren’t so generous and kind, then stories like ours could have a very different outcome”.

- Rebekah, Palmerston North