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Neil can watch his family grow

Being able to rapidly transfer Neil to specialist care in our Air Ambulance Plane was crucial to his survival and recovery.

My heart forgot to keep beating and I collapsed.

Neil suffered a cardiac arrest and urgently required expertise and equipment that was not available in the Wairarapa. The doctors quickly decided the only option to save Neil's life was to transfer him to Wellington Hospital as soon as possible.

Because of the long, windy road over the Rimutaka Range, an air transfer was critical. Our Air Ambulance Plane flew a Wellington Hospital ICU flight team to Masterton to transfer him.

Neil's wife, Bev, is grateful for the care he received. 

He was tended to all the way by the wonderful and caring medical staff.

When he regained consciousness he was initially only able to blink and gently squeeze our hands. We are very lucky that Neil has not suffered any neurological damage. Rapidly transferring Neil to specialist care both times was crucial to his survival and recovery. 

The day of his collapse, Neil had just put a donation cheque in the mail for Life Flight. It's amazing that he should go on to have his life saved by the service later that very day.

Neil can now live a long and full life and has been able to meet his six children that have been born since his ordeal. 

Thanks to all the wonderful people and organisations that have helped save Neil. 

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