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Lily’s journey home

Our Air Ambulance Plane provided safe transport for Lily after open-heart surgery.
Lily’s journey home

A diagnosis of Hypoclastic Left Heart Syndrome meant only half of Lily’s heart functioned normally. Diagnosed in-utero, Lily was born in Auckland so she could immediately start receiving speciality treatment only available there.

At two-months of age, after undergoing open-heart surgery, Lily could finally go home to Wellington for the first time.

Still in a very delicate state, Lily needed to be transported in a safe and sterile environment. Life Flight’s Air Ambulance plane was the best option to bring the family home.

With an expert medical team and a stock of high-tech medical equipment on-board, Lily was in good hands.

I felt really looked after. It was the first time we had Lily outside of the hospital environment, but it didn’t make me nervous because we were looked after so well,

says Lily’s mum, Veronika

Their journey continued, and at just 2-years-old, Lily became New Zealand’s youngest patient to receive a heart transplant.

Lily is now a happy four-year-old enjoying her first year at kindergarten.

However, with her immune system constantly suppressed to prevent her body rejecting the donor heart, she must be hyper-aware of germs.

Your support means we can be there for more wee ones like Lily. Thank you for your wonderful support!