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Meet the team

Introducing Life Flight’s tallest Superhero; Westpac Chopper Crewman Mike is the focus of this month’s crew feature. 

Mike has been with us since 2015 and is no stranger to aviation. Mike has loved helicopters since an early age and started working in helicopter logging and construction in Canada in the late 2000’s.

After moving back to New Zealand in 2012, he began working as a winch operator for a commercial helicopter operator which eventually lead him to Life Flight. “The transition to Emergency Services was my ultimate goal and I feel very lucky to work for Life Flight and all the communities we serve.”

A memorable mission that’s stuck with Mike was rescuing a solo sailor from a sinking yacht in bad weather off Cape Palliser. “Huge waves and strong wind made it challenging and we got to bring someone home who would not have made it otherwise.”

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Mike surfing, kiteboarding and throwing sticks for his dog, ‘Roo’.

Fun Fact: During lockdown Mike discovered he has the knack for baking his own bread…like most of us!